I spent four decades of my life in the shadows of PTSD – there was no name for it for most of that time.  Only in recent years have psychiatric units come out of the basement sitting beside the morgue to be a respected branch of science.  No funding equaled no solutions, other than deflection, hiding and barely coping.  Yes, the neuroscience doctors found drugs – they discovered how Seratonin can help… but drugs are not the answer.  They do nothing to help us live with PTSD.  They are a sticking plaster for you who continue the STIGMA.


How does STIGMA affect us?  How does your attitude towards those with PTSD directly affect our ability to live happily and at peace, with understanding and support?  You make us afraid to open up.  When we do we are judged terribly.  You draw us out thinking we can trust and boom! you slap us hard.  You have no empathy for mental health, no compassion – only judgement.


You say you do.  You say you a lot of things.  Some of you even go to church on Sundays to let the world know how good you are.


Calling BS on the individuals and organizations who continue the STIGMA.


If you had created a society where our Traumatic Brain Injuries were accepted we would not be killing ourselves daily.  Look at the statistics and when you do don’t do what you normally do and say “I just don’t get how somebody could BE THAT SELFISH!”  Or, “What a coward!”


Yes, I know you think and say these things.  You say it in fact when you think you are amongst like minded individuals and all too often you are.  Suicide is not an act.  It is not the end game of a cognitive functioning brain, it is the act of desperation of somebody who simply cannot take one more trip to the flashbacks, the pain, the overwhelming terror, the never ending agony.  Walk a while in my mind and see the horrors I have and then let’s see how well you cope.


Truth is you won’t.


Only the brave can withstand the level of torment we do daily.


And for this you label us with god awful prejudice, judgement and criticism.  Until we take our own lives – at which point you tut-tut.


Want to make a difference?  Read this and join in the #PTSDChat.  Join the fight to kill the STIGMA and Break The Silence.  Or carry on being an ass.


Brad McKay (ret’d Staff Sergeant of York Regional Police: Special Advisor, Peer Support Services, CTR with www.mooddisorderscanada.org)

@228Brad  17h17 hours ago

Aurora, Ontario


Together we are stronger. Reducing the stigma needs to be our primary goal. Trusted peer support the solution. #ptsdchat


@KateGillieART is the founder of PTSDchat.org.  Kate is a true PTSD Warrior and is an inspiration to others.  This blog first appeared on Kate's website here