What does Winning with PTSD mean?  When I think of winning I think of a famous Bruce Lee quote:


"Remember no man is really defeated unless he is discouraged "


This is an important sentiment to remember for someone dealing with mental health issues.


Because for the PTSD sufferer, everyday is a battle.  Triggers, unfortunate events, life-crisis', family-crisis', and others, only compound the symptoms of PTSD and TBI(s).


Each individual has their unique internal battles and struggles when it comes to PTSD.  What is important is to maintain your enthusiasm to live a fulfilling life.


This is where Bruce Lee's quote comes into play.  We must never let aspects of our lives truly discourage us.


It's okay to fail, but we must never be discouraged, we must never quit.


Another important aspect to winning is to have a therapeutic outlet.  I remember David Ortiz said it really well in a #PTSDchat radio show, "You gotta find what works best for you".  David spoke about visiting PTSD patients in environments (and conditions) that were safe for the sufferer.  He visits homes, motor pools, offices, whatever it takes to get therapy to his brothers and sisters in-arms.


Like my brother-in-arms, David, what I do is bring the therapy directly to the PTSD sufferer.  But I do it in the form of a mobile app.


My PTSD brothers and sisters will have multiple ways to express themselves and to also connect with others.  They can cast a message for the world to read, connect with live video, or chat privately with mental health professionals and other PTSD sufferers.


This therapeutic outlet is called DOJO.  And it's available anytime and every time the PTSD sufferer needs it.


My therapy is building DOJO, that's how I win.  Helping others heal, ultimately helps me heal myself.


If you'd like to be a part of DOJO Prototype please reach out ;)




Raul Moreno is the author of this blog.  He's a father to three, husband to one.  He's also building a better future for families with PTSD.




image credit: rottentomatoes.com